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April 2013 Archives

Important Steps to Clarify Your Wishes for Organ Donation

If you want to become an organ upon your death, you need to do more than including an organ donation provision in your will. Wills are often not located or read immediately after a person's death when decisions regarding disposition have already been made. If you are serious about becoming an organ donor you should identify yourself as an organ donor on your driver's license and execute an advance directive which clarifies your wishes for organ donation including whether you want your organs and/or tissues used for one or more of the following purposes: transplantation, therapy, research, or medical education. You should also discuss your wishes for organ donation with your health care agent, the person named in your advance directive to make health care decision on your behalf when you are unable to make them for yourself. In addition, those who are interested in donating their body for medical education and research should pre-register with the Anatomy Board of Maryland.

SEC Commissioner: We Need to Support Investor Choice

State securities regulators were on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, attempting to gain support for restricting, or ending, mandatory arbitration clauses between clients and brokers. Currently, arbitration clauses are standard in brokerage contracts and require any claim of loss to be settled in binding arbitration instead of with the Court.

Stock loss attorney protects investors against pump and dump fraud

Pump and dump. You may have heard of this pernicious stock fraud. Pump and dump even made the national news recently when the famous rapper 50 Cent came under criticism for hyping a little known company called H&H Imports. 50 sent his followers on Twitter messages about what a great stock H&H was and the price of H&H stock nearly tripled in a few hours. What 50′s tweets didn't mention was that he owned 30 million shares of H&H.

Google's Inactive Account Manager Allows Users to Plan Their "Digital Afterlife"

Yesterday, Google announced a new feature that allows users to control the disposition of their digital assets after their death. With this feature , called "Inactive Account Manager", users can choose to have their data in their Gmail, Google+, Picasa, Youtube, or other Google service accounts transferred to one or more contacts or deleted after a specified period of inactivity (3, 6, 9 or 12 months). Google will send users a warning message beforehand to a cell phone number and secondary email designated by the user.

FINRA Bans Investment Advisor After NFL Players Incur $40 Million Investment Loss

FINRA announced they have barred FINRA registered financial advisor Jeffrey Rubin after he directed his NFL player clients to invest in a now bankrupt casino project. Investment losses incurred by over 30 NFL players are said to be $40 Million.

Recent Survey Reveals That Financial Advisors Significantly Overestimate the Risk of Their Investors

According to a recent Accenture Study, advisers are more than twice as likely as investors to see their clients as aggressive investors. "Our research suggests that financial advisors need to focus on better understanding their clients' views and objectives to foster closer, more trusting relationships," said Alex Pigliucci, global managing director of Accenture Wealth and Asset Management Services.


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